Too Little, Too Late (Idol or Anchor)

It’s trickling down my spine. For the first time in five months it’s back.
She’d kept it at bay for so long. 
Though her hair didn’t burn with the sun, nor did metal protrude from her orifices, she managed to keep the monsters away.
From the moment he met her his heart yearned for more, and every second he spent with his knight, his heart grew fonder. 
Everything and everyone became a distant blur as she steadied into focus. Each day he learned more about her, each day he pictured their life together. He watched her ignite the darkness. She burnt candles in his essence and brought him to life once more.
Alas, he was a fool. He spent his days watching and loving from afar. Never in detail did he describe his undying love. Never did he admit how strong she was. 
She was a hero. She is a hero.
She was his hero. His black knight. 
She grew tired of his lies. Tired of his alibis. 
She grew tired of him. Her heart was heavy and so she ridded him goodbye.
In an instance the weight of the world resumed it’s position on his shoulders. He felt so heavy. So uneasy.
Beasts once again swam at his ankles, pulling him down.
As if all light had been sucked from his world.
His black night was exactly that.

I love you more than anything or anyone.
You are the love of my life and I am sure of it.
Please don’t go.
I need you. 
More than you’ll ever know.